Payment terms:

Our customers must pay 25 % of the total amount when the booking is made and 75 % of the rental amount 6 weeks before the rental period starts. If cancellation is made within 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the customer must pay 25 % of the agreed rental amount. If cancellation is made later, the customer must pay 75 % of the total rental amount.

Check in/check out: 

Our houses/boats will be ready for check in at 16.00 unless otherwise is agreed. The house/boat shall be checked out fully cleaned at 12:00 unless otherwise is agreed.

If damage on the boat:

The customer is obliged to inform about possible damage to the boat and engine/propeller under the water line, so that the owner can get this inspected as soon as possible after check in of the boat. If the boat by check in is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the customer by irresponsible/negligent operation of the boat must pay the damages in total. Any own share in case of insurance damage (foreseeable accidents that the insurance covers), shall be paid by the customer. All boats have hull insurance and insurance that covers hire.


The deposit will be paid back to the customer after the boat and any other rental item is returned to the owner in the same condition as upon check out of the boat.

Boat license: 

If you were born 1. January 1980 or later, you are required to have a boating licence (recreational craft skipper’s licence) to operate a recreational craft longer than 8 metres or with engines larger than 25 hp. A recreational craft skipper’s licence issued in another EEA Member State is valid in accordance with the content of the licence. Foreign licences not issued in another Member State are valid if they substantially meet the requirements of the Norwegian boating licence and are issued in a Scandinavian language or English.


Your safety is our main focus. Our customers have to read and familiarize themselves with boat rules and safety rules for traffic on the sea. You will find information in our safety webpage. When the boat is handed over to you, we will go threw our “Safety review” and you have to sign this checklist.

Fishing by tourists in Norway:

External site (The Directorate of Fisheries) about rules and minimum sizes for fishing by tourists.

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